The personalized, professional alternative for all of your Commercial Collection needs.

Our Approach

We believe that in order for a collection agency to be effective in today's business climate, a close working relationship must be established between the client and agency personnel.

This relationship forms the basis for providing our various clients a unique collection service, one that has been developed from the CREDIT MANAGER'S point of view. We understand the importance of our role within your company and provide not only outstanding customer service but more importantly RESULTS!



Specializing in Commercial
Collections since 1984.

Personal Representation:
We take a personal interest in every claim placed within this office and we function as your representative throughout the process.
Timely Communication:
We understand how critical our partnership is and open and prompt communication is essential to it. Access to account info 24hrs a day.
Our belief is that each of our clients has certain operating characteristics that make them unique and we must vary our approach to fit their needs.
Our Company has built and maintained relationships with over 250 companies.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you how our service
can support your collection efforts.

STL Solutions, Inc.