Diversified Collection Service, Inc.
We believe that in order for a collection agency to be effective in today's business climate, a close working relationship must be established between client and agency personnel. This relationship forms the basis for providing our many varied clients a unique collection service; a service that has been developed from the CREDIT MANAGER'S point of view.
In 1984 DIVERSIFIED COLLECTION SERVICE was established, it's organizers, having spent many years in corporate credit management, believed there was a need for a collection service that could bring together the agency and the credit manager to meet and exceed the financial goals of increasing collections, controlling costs and reducing bad debt.
Today, DIVERSIFIED COLLECTION SERVICE supports credit and collection managers in recovery of delinquent accounts receivable, through its contingent collection program. DCS also provides service in the areas of consulting and accounts receivable outsourcing: Programs that have been designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.
We feel strongly that our continued success is dependent on maintaining specific aspects of our basic operating philosophy, some of which are detailed in the following pages.
Our goal is to enhance the client/agency relationships that have made us what we are today.

TIMELY COMMUNICATION:  We realize the work we do involves a valuable asset of your company's accounts receivable. Consequently, the importance of regular, informative reporting cannot be understated. We provide detailed individual reports on every account placed with our agency on a minimum 30-day basis. In addition, computer generated reports, summarizing our collection activity are available as requested.

PERSONAL REPRESENTATION:  We take a personal interest in every claim placed within this office, and we function as your representative through every phase of the collection. Your account will be handled by one, specialized collector who will evaluate the claim, decide what action should be taken to effect collection and take every step to solidify your position as creditor.

FLEXIBILITY:  We believe that each of our clients have certain operating characteristics that make them unique; and in this regard, we must vary our approach to their collection problems. We have been able to establish collection programs which meet the specific needs of our clients, keeping in mind, budgetary and operating constraints. This flexible approach has enabled our clients to obtain maximum results at a reasonable cost.

LEGAL INVOLVEMENT:  We have developed an excellent group of associate attorneys to handle legal matters on a nationwide basis. The involvement of an attorney does not limit our involvement. We continue to direct and advise the attorney to specifically protect the interests of our client. We believe this is a very important aspect of the total collection effort; and consequently, it is handled by a specific member of our office who knows the legal aspects of the collection and is aware of the specific nature of the claim.
We look forward to the opportunity to show you how our service can support your collection efforts.
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