Sample Collection Letter Program

This outlines a (sample) Collection Letter Writing Program as provided by DCS Collection Service, Inc. For a letter writing program to be effective, it must be initiated early in the collection process and mailed on a consistent basis. This program consists of two basic categories--the involvement of the department doing the placing of accounts and the involvement of DCS Collection Service, Inc.:

Send to DCS Collection Service, Inc. (usually after month-end) a listing of individuals and/or companies that have delinquencies. This may be in the form of a computerized alphabetical run or statements, These listings should include names, addresses, telephone numbers and balances owed. Special arrangements can be made to utilize computerized name and address files from your computer. Mail letter writing information to DCS P.O. Box 21726. Cleveland. OH 44121.

On a pre-determined schedule, ideally not more than 15 days in length, the placing company will forward to DCS Collection Service, Inc. a listing of individuals or companies who have made full or partial payment. Based upon acknowledgment of payment in full, DCS Collection Service, Inc. will stop the delinquent letter cycle.


Upon receipt, enter the information into our system and generate a series of letters, depending upon the agreement, to delinquent accounts.

The delinquency letters will be sent at regular intervals becoming progressively tougher, culminating in a notation that serious collection action will be taken should payment not be forthcoming immediately.

In each letter, the account will be asked to forward payment directly to the placing company or respond directly to the appropriate office should they need clarification or seek additional information.

DCS Collection Service, Inc. will provide a sample of the collection letters. These letters can be changed to conform to specific customer needs or you may use a DCS Collection Service, Inc. series of letters subject to final approval.