International Collections

As corporate America focuses more on international sales, there is a corresponding pressure put on collection departments to work towards reducing international DSO. Many corporations do not have a lengthy history of dealing with international accounts receivable matters. In many cases, the history has been one of securing all international receivables through letter of credit.

Corresponding to the significant increase in overseas sales is the need to give open account terms in countries where such terms have not been given previously. This, of course, has increased the uncollectibility of receivables on a proportionate basis.

DCS Collecton Service, Inc. has had a long history of handling international collections. DCS has legal representations available worldwide with most attorneys working on a contingent basis. When legal involvement is required, we review each claim on a case-by-case basis and negotiate legal fees on our client's behalf. As always, there is no litigation initiated or costs expended without our client's specific authorization.