Collection Fees

DCS Collection Service, Inc. is dedicated to the support of the credit function in reducing bad-debt loss and maintaining control of delinquent accounts receivables. The basis of our collection program is a specialized service designed to fulfill the needs of your company. Each client is assigned a personal collector who is responsible for reporting, collection and active follow-up on each claim.

Our success is directly attributable to our willingness to learn your business and represent you in a professional capacity. Should it become necessary to involve an attorney, we function as your liaison until the collection matter has been brought to a conclusion.

Fee Structure:
The following contingency rates remain in effect:

Claim Dollar Amount Contingency Percentage
$200-$1,999 25%
$2,000-$6,999 20%
$7,000-$9,999 18%
$10,000-$30,000 15%
Over $30,000 Negotiable

Attorney Involvement:
The above rates are quoted on an in-house basis. Once an attorney becomes involved, the basic attorney collection rate will be in line with the Commercial Law League Rates of 20% of the first $300, 18% of the next $1,700 and 13% of the balance. In addition to these rates, a 10% service fee will be added by DCS Collection Service, Inc.